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It’s no surprise to hear that the poor posture epidemic is on the rise. Our often sedentary routines have interrupted the development of core muscle strength to support healthy posture. Luckily, there are still ways to improve posture and strengthen your core with the personalized treatment Butterfly Effect, LLC offers according to individual needs.

Wellness begins with awareness as we can only change what we are aware of. Patience and dedication are required to ultimately correct posture and create a healing butterfly effect in the body. Postural problems and related joint dysfunction do not appear overnight and will not disappear overnight. These issues require a program of care and dedication on the patient’s part too.

Making a personal commitment to enriching your life (beginning with awareness) sets you on an abundant path. Studies indicate that even a small shift in perspective is self-perpetuating, having a Butterfly Effect on your state of being and the world.

Simple changes to your lifestyle can affect your overall well-being; this takes practice and needs to be done on a consistent basis. Applying the concept to one aspect of your health, taking one area at a time is a viable option to achieving success.

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